84. 84

I can't believe he doesn't want our baby. I don't want to leave the house so I just walk down and into the living room. I sit down on the couch and put my head in my hands. I feel my eyes well up with tears and they slowly drip down my cheeks. We just got married and were already arguing.... about our own kid! After a few moments I lean back and uncover my face. I turn on the television and begin to watch it. I don't even notice Luke's footsteps on the stairs. I feel the couch dip down beside me as Luke sits next to me. He's silent at first. I keep my eyes on the TV, not even wanting to look at him.
"I am happy" he says softly. I look over at him, still not saying a word. "I'm happy your having a baby" he says.
"Then why did you act like you didn't want a kid?" I ask him.
"I don't know..I was a little surprised and I should have never acted that way because I do want a baby, more than anything" he whispers, looking into my eyes. Most of my anger fades away but I'm still not happy with him.
"What about your band? A child might not be the best thing right now" I repeat his words from earlier.
"This is way more important than my band, I was being stupid, a kid is what I want, I promise, I don't even realize what I was saying" he says softly. Honestly, he could be saying this now but in a few days, he may be acting just like he was 15 minutes ago. I sigh but nod. I'm still annoyed with him and just praying that he doesn't leave me. "I'm not leaving" he says as if he can read my mind.
"I can't be sure of that" I say as I drop my eyes to the ground. He runs his fingers through his hair.
"I promise, really, I'm happy, I'm really happy Delilah, I can't wait to be able to hold that little baby in my arms and feed and love it, im excited" he says and smiles at me. I look up at him again. He looks like he's being sincere. I'm still worried but I smile back at him. He pulls me into his arms and rubs my stomach.
"Only a couple months until your ours" he whispers as he leans down and kisses my stomach. All my worry begins to fade as I see the scene play out before me. He's going to make a good father. Maybe everything will be okay.


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