81. 81

The reception is now over. Luke said that the location of the honeymoon is a surprise. We place our suit cases in the back of Luke's car and then after a few goodbyes, head off.
"Pleaseeee tell me" I beg him as I lay my head on his shoulder. 
"I'm not telling you" he chuckles. I stay quiet until I see that we are pulling into the airport. I give Luke a curious look and he just smirks. We walk to get out tickets but of course Luke gets them so I can't see where we are going. The plane ride took around 6 hours and I slept most the time. I slept right through the announcement that told us where we were landing. Soon, I feel Luke shaking me gently.
"Come on love, we have to go" he whispers as he smiles at me. I whine a little in protest and he chuckles at my childish ways. We both stand up and get off the plane. Its really warm and the air feels tropical. I already am liking it. We get out bags and walk out to our rental car. Luke makes me cover my eyes as we pull in somewhere. He helps me out of the car and walks me up to what I can only imagine is a front door.
"Go ahead and open" he says. When I open my eyes, there's a huge house with a own little beach in the back yard. "Its private so no ones around" he says.
"Where are we? Its so beautiful" I whisper.
"The Bahamas" he says almost proudly. I smile as I hug him tightly.
"I love you so much!" I say excitedly. He moves his head down and plants his lips on my neck. I smirk.
"Eager are we?" I ask.
"Well it is our honeymoon" he whispers against my neck.
"Well why don't we take a swim" I say.
"Okay fine" Luke pouts a little.
"But of course I didn't pack a bathing suit" I smirk.
"Neither did I" he says before we both run inside.

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