8. 8

Six came quickly. I sent Jackson to his room to play. I didn't want him to see the way Luke treats me. A knock sounds on the door at exactly 6:05. I walk over and open the door.
"Hi" Luke says quietly.
"Hey" I say with a sign as he walks in. I shut the door and lock it.
"So we need to plan what were doing" Luke half says half asks. I nod and grab the notepad off the bottom step. I hear footsteps and look up to see Jackson.
"What's wrong Jacks? I told you to go play" I say softly.
"I still don't feel good" he pouts. I frown and pick him up.
"How about a big glass of warm milk, your favorite cartoons and maybe try to get some sleep yeah?" I say. He nods as his head falls against my shoulder. I take him into the kitchen and get him some milk, warming it up. I carry him upstairs and lay him in his bed. After covering him up, I switch on his TV and kiss his forehead.
"Goodnight hun, if you need something, let me know" I say as I shut his door. I walk downstairs to find Luke looking at my family pictures.
"You have a nice family" he says.
"Yeah sure" I say 
"What?" He comments.
"My mom and dad are never here so I basically raise my brother and they really don't even care about us so yeah" I say as I look at the ground.
"Your brothers lucky to have you" Luke says as he walks over to me.
"Thanks" I mumble as I look up at him. He stops only a few inches away from me.
"I wish I could apologize for everything I did but I know its not worth it, I can't take back what I did" he says. His arms wrap around my waist and I grow still.
"If only I realized what a fool I was" he says right before his lips are on mine.


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