79. 79

Today is the day. The day that we both have been waiting for. Luke left around 7 am. Our wedding starts at 4 so I had to start getting ready by 8 or 9. After a light breakfast, too excited to eat much, I begin on my hair. Its this gorgeousup do that I saw in a magazine. After hair, I went straight into make up. It was almost noon by then. Make up took about a half hour. Its currently 1:00 and I am dying to get my dress on. I have help from Emma to get it slipped over my body.
"Wow..Delilah, you are stunning" Emma says softly, looking me up and down. I give a smile as I turn a little in the mirror.
"You look like a true princess" Scarlett says. She walks over to me and places a diamond crown on my head. The veil is attached to my dress. Just then my mother walks in the room. She covers her mouth when she sees me. I can see the tears in her eyes.
"Delilah.. I know we've had some problems but wow I'm so proud to be a mother of such a beautiful and wonderful daughter like you" she says. I smile at her.
"Thank you" I almost whisper as I look in the mirror again. After that, I have to try to get into the shiny, black stretched limo. It takes a few moments due to my dress but I finally get in. My mother, Emma and Scarlett climb in after me.
"Are you excited?" Emma asks.
"More than you'll ever know" I say. I just can't stop smiling. Its getting close to 4 when we arrive at the castle. My eyes are glued to it beautiful glory. Its huge and everything I pictured to be.
"Thank you Luke" I whisper to myself. When 4 approaches, I begin to get a little nervous. My father walks over to me.
"You look beautiful darling" he whispers.
"Thank you" I say. I know me and my father aren't on good terms but its my wedding day and I need him to walk me down the eye. Nothing can dampen my spirits today. Suddenly I'm pulled out of my thoughts by the sound of my que. Then I'm walking. The velvet purple carpet is in a big strip down the middle for me to walk on. The ceremony space is huge and gorgeous. The antique feel of everything is perfect. Rose petals line the asile and purple, blue and white flowers are at the end of each row of seats. Im so busy looking at the decorations that I haven't even looked at the most important part of the room. Luke. He looked perfect, as handsome as ever. The smile on his face could be seen from a million miles away. I smile back at my fiancé, my husband..my best friend. My father kisses my cheek and shakes Luke's hand. I take Luke's hand in mine and he helps me up the alter stairs.
"You look so amazing and beautiful" he whispers to me.
"And you look dashing" I say with a small giggle as I look into his eyes. I stare into his eyes the whole ceremony. I repeat what the man tells me to repeat almost roboticly. Then we get to the vows. We wrote our own.
"Delilah, you helped me become a better man, you made my life better just one smile at a time, everything you do and say has such a great impact on who I am as a person and who I am as your husband. You are my best friend. My wife. You mean the world to me and without you, my life wouldn't be complete, thank you for being you"
"Luke, you came into my life and gave it meaning, I was struggling but you were there to pick me up when I fell. My life will never be the same again with you in it, but I mean that in the best way possible. My life has changed for the better now that I get to marry my best friend. I can't wait to have a happy marriage and a long faithful life with you".
I look into his eyes again. I know that I have tears streaming down my face.
"Luke Robert Hemmings, do you take delilah to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
"I do" Luke whispers, stroking my cheek.
"And Delilah Grace Thompson, do you take Luke as your lawfully wedded husband?"
"I do" I whisper almost too.
"I know pronounce you Mr. And Mrs. Hemmings"

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