78. 78

Night before the wedding.

"I'm excited for the honeymoon" Luke chuckles as he pulls me closer to him.
"Luke, I'm tired" I whine as I try to get snuggle up under the covers.
"I was just saying" he says. I laugh a little as I peck his lips.
"I'm excited for that too, but I'm more excited to be spending the rest of my life with my best friend" I say. He smiles at me.
"And I'm excited to have you forever and always, and just knowing that your mine" he whispers. I cuddle closer to his chest.
"I can't believe tomorrows the big day" I say softly.
"I know, I won't get to see you all morning" he pouts and I touch his pouty lower lip with my finger.
"But then, by the end of the night I'll be all yours" I whisper.
"And that makes it all worth while" 

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