77. 77

2 months later.
We have exactly 1 month and 2 weeks until the wedding. Its starting to get stressful because we have to make sure everything comes in on time. We only have around 50-60 people coming but, we still plan for it to be big. Me and Luke are getting married at a castle in England! He surprised me with this. I don't know how he found out but this was my dream to get married in a castle. Luke said that a true princess deserves to be married in a castle. It just made me fall in love with him even more. We have my family, even my parents agreed to come, going to the wedding and Luke's family. Calum, Michael, and Ashton are all going to be Luke's groomsmen. We went cake tasting today and decided on red velvet with vanilla icing. It was amazing and perfect for the venue. 
"Are you excited?" Luke asks me that night.
"Of course I am" I say with a smile.
"Do you love me?" He asks now. I give him a confused look.
"I love you very much" I say.
"Then will you show me your dress" he asks with pleading eyes. I laugh and roll my eyes.
"No I will not" I tell him. He spends the whole night begging me and trying to bribe me. This is going to be a long month.


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