75. 75

We had to wait till 10 pm to go visit with my parents. I called them a few days in advance. One thing that I never mentioned is that I moved out. My parents have begged me to move back because of Jackson but I just can't. When we arrive at the house I soak up all the old memories that eminate for the cracked paint building before me. I sigh as Luke grabs my hand and we walk forward to the front door. I knock on the familiar wooden door with shaky hands. It takes a few moments before my mom answers the door. 
"Delilah! Oh its so good to see you!" My mom says with a smile. I'm half tempted to roll my eyes but I just smile back.
"Hey mom" I say.
"Hello Luke" she greets him formally. I told her I'd be bringing my boyfriend today. I wanted her to get to know him. Even though were not close, she's still my mother and id like them to come to the wedding. 
"So what would you like to talk about?" She asks me. I walk into the house and shut the door. The smell of some kind of soup and coffee is flooding the house. 
"Delilah!" I hear a little voice say from the stairs. 
"Hey Jacks!" I say as I pick him up and hug him. I have to stop the tears. I miss him a lot. "How are you, buddy?" I ask.
"I'm good, I'm learning fractions in school and I got an A on my first test" he says a little smugly. I laugh at his attitude and set him on the ground.
"I'm so proud of you! Keep up the good work and every time I visit I want you to tell me all about your week" I say.
"Your not moving back? I thought this was just temporary" my mom says. I sigh as I send Jackson to the kitchen.
"Mom, I live with Luke now and its going to stay that way" I say softly.
"But..we need you, Jack's can't stay home alone and he can't be at a friends house everyday" she says.
"I'm glad your finally taking an interest in his life since you've missed the past 4 years" I say immediately growing angry.
"Look here, you may not live here but I am still your mother" 
"Really? Because usually mothers are there for their kids" I say. Forget about her coming to the wedding. I knew she was going to cause problems. I don't know why I ever thought she could act like a mother for a least 2 seconds. I take a deep breath.
"Me and Luke are getting married, we've been through a lot and he is always here for me, we love each other a lot, it isn't up for discussion and I'll send you an invitation in the mail" and with that I pull Luke out the front door and right into the car.

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