74. 74

When we told the boys they were do happy for us, but of course they already knew. I thank Ashton for telling me to go home to Luke that night. Im so excited to become his wife. These next couple days will be filled with dress shopping, planning and decoration making. Luke said that our budget for the wedding is $6,000 dollars. I'm allowed to spend up to 2,000 on a dress and 4,000 for the rest of the wedding. We decided to have our wedding in 4 months because in 4 months we will have been together for 1 year. Some people think this is too soon but after all that me and Luke have been through, getting married is probably the best thing for us. Me and Luke have been spending a lot of time together. Movies nights, going out to eat and even just laying around in bed all day. We have grown really close and the best thing is I feel like I can really trust him now. Our problems with Amber still aren't over and were most likely still going to have ups and downs, but things are better. We began to plan some things for our wedding. The colors are going to be blue, purple, black and white. We are going to pick out our rings in a few days and I'm going dress shopping tomorrow. Maybe life will be good now. Me and Luke are going to go visit my parents and tell them the news..I don't really know whats going to happen..but I guess we'll find out.

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