72. 72

The next morning I wake up with Luke right next to me. His arms tightly wrapped around my waist and my leg wrapped around his legs. His chin rests on the top of my head. I can feel his gentle breathing, showing that he is still alseep. I look at the clock and it reads 6 am. I sigh as I cuddle back to his chest and fall back asleep. Around 10, I wake up but I'm no longer in Luke's arms. I climb out of bed and walk downstairs to the kitchen.
"Good morning beautiful" Luke says as I walk in. I smile as I see a whole table full of food.
"Good morning, what's all this?" I ask.
"Food, silly" he replies. I roll my eyes.
"I mean whats the occasion" I say.
"Just because" he walks over to me and kisses my lips. I smile even bigger.
"Your the best" I say as I give him a hug. We both sit down and begin to eat. 
"That was amazing" I say with a giggle as I wipe my mouth. He smiles.
"Thank you" he says "now go get dressed so I can take you out".
"Where too?" I ask curiously.
"Its a secret" he says.
"Great, I just love surprises" he chuckles at my expression.
"Go. Now" he says in a fake stern voice. 
"Yes sir" I say as I run up the stairs.


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