70. 70

I can't believe he would do this to me again. 
"Did you know that he was going to see another girl?" I ask Calum angrily, gesturing to the store. Calums eyes get a little wide.
"Delilah its not what you think.." Calum says calmly.
"Its exactly what I think" I say as I get out of the car "I'm not hungry anymore". I walk off down the sidewalk, ignoring Calums pleas to come back. Then I hear a deeper voice.
"Delilah wait!" Luke calls out but I ignore that too. I can hear Luke's footsteps so I begin to run. I don't want to talk to him right now. I run all the way to the park. I figure a walk would be nice. I look behind me and thankfully no one is there. I get onto the pathway and begin to walk, trying to clear my mind.
"Delilah?" I hear someone say. I turn around and see Ashton. I smile at him.
"Hey Ash" I say as he gives me a hug. We start walking together.
"How have you been?" He asks.
"Eh Ive been okay, I was a lot better when Luke came back" I say softly. He nods.
"I heard you weren't doing too well, but I'm glad your better" he says. I nod not wanting to say anything about Luke right now but, Ashton decides to bring it up anyways.
"Where's Luke? I thought you guys were spending the day together" he asks.
"Um yeah we were supposed too" I say quietly, moving my eyes to ground. I hadn't noticed that we stopped walking now. 
"What's wrong?" He asks.
"I saw Luke holding another girls hand at the jewelry store" I say. I can feel tears coming to my eyes but I hold them back. Ashton has a thoughtful expression and stays quiet for a moment. 
"I think you should go home and talk to him" Ashton says. I look up at him.
"What's to even talk about?" I say.
"Trust me Delilah, you need to go talk to him" Ashton says softly. I sigh.
"Okay..I'll talk to him" I say, knowing that I should trust Ashton. He gives me a longer hug now 
"Don't worry, its going to be okay" he says with a reassuring smile. I give him a small smile and nod.
"Talk to you later, Ash" I say.
"See you later, Delilah" he says and walks off. I begin my journey home.


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