7. 7

The next day at school.
I walk towards my locker at the end of the day, keeping my eyes out for Amber. She's probably still at lunch so I let out a sigh. Spoke too soon.
"Hey loser" amber says, slamming my locker shut after I just opened it. I roll my eyes.
"Are you seriously going to play the kindergarten card on me?" I say as I re do my combination. She pushes me so my back hits against the locker.
"Don't talk to me that way" she says angrily. I gulp but not because of her.
"Hey babe, what's going on?" Luke says gently pulling amber away by the waist.
"This little rat decided she wanted to give me a piece of her mind" she says. 
"Come on hun, she's not worth it" Luke says taking her hand and pulling her away from me. I sigh as I stare at the ground and try to stop the tears. God I'm such a baby.
"Hey, I'm coming over tonight at 6" Luke says as amber gives him a questioning look. I swear that he just smiled at me. Then again, it was probably my imagination.

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