69. 69

After breakfast me and Luke decided to have a simple movie day or at least that's what I thought. Luke said that he needed to run some errands and that he would be back soon. Of course, I immediately began to grow worried. 
"Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?" I ask softly.
"Yeah I'll be fine don't worry" he says with a smile. He gives me a kiss on the cheek. "And I'll see you in a bit" he adds emphasis on this to show that he is coming back. I nod and give him a small smile.
"Okay..see you soon" I say and with that, he leaves. I frown and continue to watch the movie that we have on. Eventually, I grow bored.
"Hey Cal, want to go out to lunch?" I call up to him.
"Sure!" He yells down "just let me get ready". I go upstairs and change into a simple t shirt and jeans and brush out my hair. After putting on some light make up, calum appears in the bathroom doorway. 
"Ready?" He asks.
"Yes" I say and give him a smile. We get into the car and head out, Calum driving. As we pull up to the restaurant I'm surprised to see Luke in the store next to it..holding another girls hand.


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