68. 68

I begin to panic a little. He's not in the bathroom and I don't hear anything from downstairs. I frown. He wouldn't just leave me though. He would leave a note or something.
"Whatcha staring at babe?" 
"Oh my god Luke, you scared the hell out of me" I say as I place my hands across my heart. He chuckles.
"I went downstairs to use the bathroom, I completely forgot you had one up here" he chuckles. I wrap my arms around him in relief and smile. He smiles also and kisses the top of my head.
"How did you sleep?" He asks softly.
"Good, now that I was beside you" I reply.
"I promise I won't do that again, it was too hard" he says. I nod in agreement.
"If you ever do it again, I'll find you" I threaten. He laughs a little at my sad attempt to be somewhat scary. 
"Do you want breakfast?" He asks. 
"Oh well I was going to make pancakes" I say.
"Its okay, love, you just rest a little while longer, I'll handle breakfast" he says. I don't refuse his offer because hey, who doesn't like hot guys making you food. He kisses my forehead before we part. He walks down the stairs and I walk to the bed, laying down again. The entire time until breakfast is filled with thoughts of me and Luke and hoping that he's as happy as I am right now.


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