67. 67

4 hours later
I'm curled up in Luke's arms, refusing to move from them. I just can't bare the thought of being away from him right now. I look up at him and smile. He smiles back.
"Are you sure you still love me?" I whisper.
"More than anything in the world" he says "now get some sleep baby". I nod my head. "I'll be here in the morning" he reassures me as I drift off.
The next morning
I wake up with Luke right beside me as promised. I smile a little as I yawn and stretch. My door opens and Calum sticks his head in.
"Delilah..can we please talk?" He asks. I still haven't said a word to him since yesterday. I sigh but nod. I slowly manage to get out of Luke's arms and walk over to the door. I slip out and gently shut the door behind me and Calum. We walk into the guest bedroom and I take a seat on the bed. Calum hesitantly sits next to me.
"Delilah, what I said was rude and uncalled for, I was just so exhausted and I didn't know what I was saying. I just hated seeing you like this because I love you like a sister. I'm so so sorry" he says. I smile softly.
"Its okay Cal, really, thank you for being here for me, I'm sorry I ignored you yesterday but everything is back to the way it should be. And I love you too" I say. We give each other a long embrace before I stand up. "I'm going to go start on breakfast, pancakes sound good?" I ask. He nods eagerly.
"Yes, I'm starving" he days and as if on cue, his stomach growls. I giggle and walk out the door. I walk into my bedroom first to check on Luke but, I'm shocked to see that..Luke's not there..


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