66. 66

"Luke?" I whisper as I slowly sit up and look at him. He was in gray sweatpants and a simple black t shirt. His hair was all ruffled rather than in his usual hairstyle. His eyes are red and puffy so I can tell he has been crying.
"Why are you doing this to yourself?" He whisper. Its probably noticable that im a lot skinnier since I lost 10 pounds from not eating much.
"Because I miss you" I say honestly. He takes two steps towards me, but no closer. 
"You shouldn't be not sleeping" he says "and especially not eating".
"Food doesn't appeal to me much" I say "neither does sleep".
"Bab..I mean Delilah, this is not good for your health, you can't get cancer again. You need to take care of yourself" he whispers.
"I won't if your not here" I say.
"You really want me as a boyfriend? Because of me is the reason you almost died twice" he says.
"Id rather die because we were in love than die because I can't wake up with you every morning" I say softly. He takes another step towards me. "I miss you.." I whisper.
"I miss you too baby" he says and then I'm in his arms. I cuddle into his chest and breathe in his scent.
"Please don't leave me" I say.
"I won't. Not after this. I promise" he says and kisses the top of my head.
"I love you Luke"
"I love you too Delilah"

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