65. 65

I shut myself in my bedroom like always. Calums voice is now muffled but it eventually grows quiet and I hear calums footsteps on the stairs. I wasn't sure if he was coming to my room or going to his room. I hear his footsteps stop outside my door. I crawl under the covers and close my eyes, burying my face into my pillow. I can hear my door creak open.
"Delilah.." Calums voice says softly. I pretend to be asleep. He sighs and walks back out the door. After I hear the door shut behind him, I slowly sit up. I bury my face into my hands. Throughout the night my phone rings 5 times and I have probably received about 20 text messages. Every time calum comes to check on me I pretend I'm asleep or I just tell him to go away. Around 9 pm, my door opens. I don't bother to look up from my pillow.
"Go away" I mumble.
"Not this time" a voice says. Luke's.

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