63. 63

I can't stand not having Luke around and its only been two days. I called Calum over at least 8 times yesterday to ask him to get stuff for me and sometimes because I needed a shoulder to cry on. Calum thinks it was totally uncalled for that Luke left. He decided just to stay at my house since I need him a lot. He sleeps in the guest bedroom. Last night I curled up next to him and cried myself to sleep. I'm really broken over those. He won't answer texts or calls from anyone. Michael said something about him flying out to California for a few weeks or something like that. I need him so much. I can't believe he just left. It really makes me think that I was just a burden..
4 days later
"She won't eat, and she barely sleeps" I can hear Calum whispering to someone on the phone. I'm trapped up in my room at the top of the stairs like always. I just lay there and stare at the ceiling or the wall. I dont check my phone or get up for anything except the bathroom. I occasionally eat and rarely sleep. I know it wasn't all that long but Luke promised he loved me. Life doesn't even feel worth it anymore.
"Luke..man, calm down" calum whispers. He's talking to Luke? Even the name hurts to think about. Oh well, forget about him. Luke doesn't love me anymore and that's all that matters..

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