62. 62

What?! Why??" I ask Luke, my eyes trying to reach his. I can't believe after all we've been through, he wants to break up with me. "Am I too much of a burden?" I ask suddenly angry, knowing he has to help me and carry me a lot.
"Of course not, let's just say, if I hadn't came into your life, none of this would have happened to you" he says. He rubs his temples with his fingers. Something he does when he's nervous, confused or angry. I gently place a hand on his arm.
"I don't care, I love you Luke and I don't want to lose you" I whisper. He jumps up from the couch.
"I'm no good for you, our relationship isn't safe, maybe Amber will just come for me if I leave you alone" he says.
"I don't want you to leave me alone. You'll just walk out that door and be killed" I say. I get off the couch also.
"Yes but I'd rather be dead then have you in danger too" he says.
"No you wouldn't, Luke, please..don't leave me" I say. I can feel the tears coming now. I love him. I can't let him go.
"I'm sorry" he whispers "call Cal if you need something and take care of your leg". He walks to the front door.
"Luke please" I whisper. I can tell its too hard for him to turn around and look into my eyes.
"Goodbye Delilah" he says and walks out the door.


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