6. 6

Suddenly two strong arms are wrapping around me. Luke, who has bullied me since kindergarten, is hugging me. I stand there, hands at my side, shocked. 
"You were really going to do it" he says in disbelief as he backs away from me.
"Do what?" I ask.
"Kill yourself" he says. I look down at the ground and shrug.
"Yeah but I didn't so its no big deal" I say.
"No big deal? You were going to kill yourself, and it was going to be all my fault" he says. He shakes his head and I swear I say tears in his eyes.
"Well yeah it would of been your fault, your the one who told me to do it" I say angrily as I place the pills back in the cupboard and I walk out of the bathroom. He follows behind me and grabs my arm.
"Delilah..I'm sorry.." He says softly.
"Sorry but you can't just say sorry for 12 years" I say as I shake my head. I see a glint of anger in his eyes. 
"Well then I guess there's nothing I can do" I stare at him in disbelief. 
"Nothing you can do?! There's a lot you can do Luke, you just don't want to put the effort into it" I say. 
"You know what, I'm out of here, see you tomorrow" he says as he storms off down the stairs. This was the first moment that I realized I may be in love with my worst enemy.


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