58. 58

Lunch was nice. Its the first time we've been out since the accident. We saw Amber or should I say Ruby one other time. She walked past the window and looked right in, meeting my eyes. She glares at me as officer Dewight gets in the drivers seat and the other officer pushes her into the car.I watch them leave before turning around and finishing my food. Me and Luke left about 2 hours after we got there. After he helps me in the car, Luke drives off.
"Do you want to go to the mall?" He asks.
"Sure" I say with a smile "so shopping might be nice".
"I'll buy you anything you want" he says.
"Every girls dream" I say with a laugh. He drives into the malls parking lot and parks. He helps me out of the car and leads me into the mall. I smile up at Luke and lean into his side. It was only a few minutes after we got into the store that it all happened. First, it seemed like somebody was following us. Second, by the time I turn around I notice the guys that were with Amber. Then, the pain. A sharp pain up my arm. I look at Luke and then down, noticing some needle in my arm. Then everything goes black..


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