56. 56

She gets out of the car. Their is a police office in front and behind her. I watch as she begins to pick up trash off the sidewalk. She's doing community work. You would think, with being a demon and all she could get out of this. Its a good thing she's not all that smart, even her demon side too. I sigh as I look over at Luke.
"Do you want to go somewhere else?" He asks. I shake my head no.
"We'd face her eventually, besides she has police around her" I say. He nods and climbs out of the car. He walks over to my side and opens my door.
"Are you sure about this?" He asks.
"Yes.." I say and go to say something else but then shut my mouth. He helps me out of the car and shuts the door. He holds me around the waist as we walk towards the restaurant. Amber looks up at the sound of footsteps and her eyes grow wide. Then anger flashes through her eyes and she begins walking towards us.

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