55. 55

Its been 2 weeks. Me and Luke are doing a lot better. I have been getting my cancer treated and the nurse said I'm doing a lot better now. 
"Pass me the remote" Luke whines stretching his good arm out to reach for it. I laugh a little saying that the remote is about 2 inch's away from him. I pick up the remote and toss it to Luke. He chuckles and turns the channel. My leg is still in a cast and Luke's arm still in its sling. I have my legs across Luke's lap. Watching TV and eating has basically been our life lately. 
"We need to get out" I tell luke.
"When?" He asks as his eyes stay on the tv.
"How about tonight?" I say. He looks down at me.
"Sure" he says with a smile.
"Let's go out now" I say.
"Sure why not"
"Its 2 pm"
"We can have a late lunch" I say. He shrugs.
"Alright, if you'd like" he says. I slowly stand up. Luke stands and wraps his arm around my waist. Once I manage to get up the stairs, I change into a nice dress, since I haven't dressed up in a while. I walk out into the hallway and meet Luke.
"Wow, you look beauiful" Luke says "like always'. I smile and hug him. He wraps his arm around my waist again and helps me downstairs. After some struggle to get in and out of the car, we arrive at the restaurant. I smile at like before I turn to open my door. Sitting in the car right next to me is non other than..Amber.

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