52. 52

Its been two days and I'm still in the hospital. I went into surgery yesterday for my leg. Its doing better now but I'm also on a lot of pain medication. 
"Luke, can you hand me my food?" I ask as he smiles and hands me my tray. Luke's arm is also doing better too. He's been staying at the hospital with me. I begin to eat my food.
"Good?" He asks.
"As good as hospital food can get" I joke. He smiles. I haven't been as tired so I stay up talking to Luke most nights. They allow him to always be with me because of what happened between us. We don't want to leave each other. As I finish my food, Luke takes it and sets it by the door for the nurse to take.
"I'm glad your feeling better" he says.
"I'm glad too" I say as he walks over and sits on the edge of my bed. He takes my hands into his and gently pulls my head against his chest. Its usually how we sleep.
"I love you" he whispers.
"I love you too" I say. I close my eyes as the door opens.
"Hello Mr. Hemmings, Delilah" the nurse says. We both say hello. The nurse sighs and looks at me seriously.
"I'm afraid we have some bad news" the nurse says. We both stare at her for a moment.
"What is it?" I ask, softly.
"Well we were reviewing your blood tests....Delilah..you may have cancer.."


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