49. 49

Luke slowly steps towards me. I look up at him and try to look into his eyes. He's not Luke anymore though. She's controlling him. Luke takes another step forward. Then it happens. He turns around and sticks the knife into Ruby's arm making her cry out in pain. He grabs my hand and pulls me up and then were running as fast as we can. We run out the door and can hear the sound of footsteps behind us. The vans doors are still open and we climb into it as quickly as we can. Luke starts it up and drives off. The men stop running behind us.
"How did you do that? She was controlling you" I say.
"Please, she could never control me" he says "I'm sorry Delilah, I only said I'd get back together with her because of the situation, I could never love her again, I love you".
"I would have done the same thing, go faster, they're right behind us!" I say as a black truck appears in the rearview mirror. Luke drives the car faster. We are driving through the woods and constantly dodging trees. Luke pulls out onto a road. A familiar looking one. This road is only about 2 miles from my house. I almost smile but then I remember the men behind us.
"Luke look out!" I say as a car pulls out in front of us. I close my eyes as the van smashs right into the car.

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