48. 48

"I can't do that" Luke says. She looks down at him and frowns.
"You said you would do anything" she says.
"Anything but that" he says.
"Fine I'll kill her, and you can watch" she replies. She comes over and picks me up off the ground by the arm.
"I can't love you if you do that" Luke says, still calm.
"You will, don't worry" she says and then she let's go of me and makes a face as if she remembered something. She walks to Luke and bends down, looking into his eyes. 
"You'll love me even if I kill Delilah" she says.
"I'll love you even if you kill Delilah" he repeats. My eyes grow wide.
"Now, if Delilah is gone, you'll be okay with it right?" She says.
"Yes" he says shortly.
"Luke!" I say.
"Don't bother, he's mine now" she says. She grabs my arms and pulls me away from Luke. He stares at me with blank eyes.
"Come on Luke" she says. He gets up and follows us. She throws me down onto a table and I look up at them both. I hear the sound of something metal and then a knife is put into Luke's hand.
"Kill her. Now." She says. Luke steps towards me.


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