47. 47

"Please..stop" Luke calls out weakly.
"Why? Its too much fun" she says with a smirk. She hits another button, making the flames go higher. More than just the bedroom is gone. The bathroom connected to it is now slowly being destroyed. The fire reaches the pipes of the sink making them burst. The water spraying begins to calm the fire and eventually the flames dissapear. Now a charred bedroom and bathroom are all that remain. The water still continues to spray out of the sink.
"Please I'll do anything" Luke says. She hits a button and everything stops. The roar of the fire, the sizzling of the charred items and the water spraying out.
"Anything?" She says.
"Yes please just don't do any more damage" he says.
"Your willing to leave your girlfriend for me" she asks. She begins to slowly walk towards him.
"I'll do whatever it takes" he whispers. My head turns to him and my eyes get wide.
"Shut up!" she snaps at me. I grow quiet again. "I'll stop if you agree to love me again" she says.
"Okay" he replies.
"But there's a catch" she says.
"What?" Luke says, his voice wary.
"Delilah needs to be out of the picture, and I don't just mean send her off onto her daily life again" she says "I want her dead and your going to be the one to do it".

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