44. 44

I look over at Luke who has a blank expression. He looks around he room. I half expect him to start freaking out but he looks..calm.
"What is all this?" Luke asks.
"None of your business" the calum like man says. Another figure walks into the room.
"Good job guys, I didn't think you'd actually be able to do it" a female voice says. The female figure stays hidden in the shadows. 
"I've kept track of you and your friends for a while Luke" the female says. Her voice sounded very familiar.
"Why do you want me dead" Luke asks in a monotone voice.
"Why not?" She replies. Her laugh rings out through the room. Luke grows stiff, signaling that he recognizes the laugh. I try to get him to look at me but he stares at the girl. She places her hand on one of Luke's pictures.
"I have these men who have helped me, they resemble each one of you boys" she says. She doesn't say why though. "They have been very well to me so I'll let them leave now" and with that all 4 of the men leave the room.
"Why do you want Luke dead?" I ask the question again.
"Because he should love me, he should know that I'm the one, I've loved him longer than you Delilah, I told you both you'd regret this choice, then you had to go and punch me.." She says as she steps out into the light..


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