41. 41

Luke!" I yell out as tears brim my eyes. He looks over at me.
"Delilah..run!" He chokes out. The guy with the gun looks at me and then points the gun at me.
"Get over here!" The man says in a deep voice "don't even think about running". I slowly walk over. He slams me up against the wall next to Luke. He holds the gun to Luke's head and wraps his hand around my throat.
"Don't say a word or I'll shoot" he says to me. I can feel my air supply cutting off. I'm starting to panic but I nod so he doesn't shoot. He loosens his grip a little and air flows back into my lungs. The man was tall, and large too, probably at least 200 pounds of pure muscle. He's about 4 inches taller than me and he's got 2 inches on Luke. His face is covered with a black ski mask. It has to be someone who knew that we were here. I watch as he lowers the gun to Luke's chest.
"Your coming with me" he growls.
"Luke goes..I go too" I whisper. The man glares at me. 
"Don't speak to me like that!" He says. How has no one heard anything yet? "Your coming too, I would just leave you here you idiot" he says in a stern like tone. I look down at the ground and as I look down I notice something. He's wearing the same exact shirt that Calum was wearing..


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