40. 40

We are currently sitting in the living room. Amber keeps looking at me and Ashton, more like glaring actually. She's still really mad at me but, he at least me and Calum are okay now. Besides, she really did bring it on herself.
"Want a drink?" Luke asks me softly. 
"Sure" I say. He unwraps his arm from around my waist and leaves the room. I look over at Amber and she is turned and talking to Calum now. 
"Hey are you okay now?" I hear Ashton say. He walks over and sits down next to me as he says this. 
"I'm okay" I say with a small smile.
"I mean are you really okay?" He asks.
"Yes, I promise Ash" I reassure him. I don't think I'm ever truly okay but, he would keep asking if I didn't reassure him. He smiles.
"Good" he gives me a hug. Luke has been gone for 15 minutes and I'm starting to get a little worried. I look into the kitchen and don't see anyone in there. I stand up and walk into the kitchen. 
"Luke?" I call out. I thought I heard a muffled sound from outside. I peek around the door and cover my mouth. Someone is holding Luke up against the wall....at gunpoint..


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