4. 4

As me and Jackson get down to the kitchen, I tell him to sit at the table while I make some soup. I made chicken, his favorite. I pour some into a bowl and bring it over, setting it down in front of him along with a cup of juice.
"You weren't hurting yourself were you Lilah" Jackson asks softly.
"Ah no honey, I just had a bit of a headache" I hate lying to him but its for the best. I mean Im the one taking care of him. My mom doesn't even know he's sick. I had to leave the poor little boy home alone all day today. I watch him eat quietly as I begin to eat my own lunch. I smile back at him as he smiles at me, trying to stay happy for him. Luke is the worthless one, I shouldn't listen to him. But being called worthless all your life really takes a toll on you. Just then, a knock sounds on the door. Jackson starts to get up but I hold a finger up to him.
"Sit down buddy, I got it" I say as I get up and walk to the front door. I unlock the top lock and then the bottom and open the door.

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