34. 34

"Delilah what the hell!?" Luke says as he walks towards me. Amber is holding her nose and Calum immediately runs over to Amber to help her. He leads her into the kitchen. Luke grabs my arm.
"Delilah calm dowm" Luke says sternly. I slowly begin to walk towards the kitchen, still lost in anger. Luke sighs and picks me up and carries me out of the room. Everyone was staring at us. Luke carries me into the downstairs bathroom. 
"What has gotten into you?" He says. I slowly snap into reality and begin to break down as I realize what I did. I'm not saying she didn't deserve it but I may get into some big trouble now. I can feel tears fill my eyes as I begin to sink down in Luke's arms. He tries holding me up. He lifts me onto the sink as I bury my face into my hands.
"Delilah..honey..tell me what happened" he whispers.
"She say that she only wanted calum so she could have someone to call her pretty, and she though he was sickening.. I just..I got so angry" I say. Luke takes a deep breath.
"To be honest, if I was a girl, I probably would have done it too" he says trying to get me to laugh. I shake my head.
"I always ruin everything" I whisper.
"Hey now, no you dont" Luke says and hugs me tightly "I love you".
"I love you too" I say softly. Who knows what Ambers going to do now..
And I really don't want to find out.

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