31. 31

"You okay, Delilah?" I hear one of the boys say, but I can't really tell who. I look up at Luke.
"I just..I um..I need some air" I say as I let go of Luke's hand and walk to the front door. I hear Luke's footsteps behind me. He grabs my arm before I can walk outside.
"Hey, I'm not going to let them do anything to you, just stay around me okay, you'll be fine" Luke says. Some people may wonder how a person can make someone this nervous, but amber is like a Spawn of Satan. No joke. Its like she doesn't even consider other peoples feelings, especially mine. Even if I'm with Luke, you never know what she's going to do.
"Luke..I just..I cant see her again" I whisper. He pulls me into a hug.
"You know that if I say we have to leave they're going to grow suspicious and I don't want them in this Amber drama. Besides, a party will be fun" he says trying to cheer me up, "she's not going to do anything to you". I sigh as I look up at him.
"Okay..I trust you" I say. He smiles and kisses my forehead.
This is going to get interesting.


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