30. 30

Shelby glances down to the ground when I meet her eyes and I feel Luke's arm tighten around me. I look up at him to see if he's as shocked as I am but his expression is blank. Maybe he already knew? I sigh as I walk forward.
"Hi everyone, I'm Delilah" I say. They all smile and jump up to hug me. A boy with colored hair introduced himself as Michael and the other boy was Ashton. Calum gets up and hugs me again just because he said I'm a huggable person. Luke gently tugs me back to him. I look up and I swear I see a hint of jealously in his eyes. Is he really jealous of his best friend? Ashton slowly turns to Shelby who is still seated.
"Shelby, come introduce yourself" Ashton whispers. 
"We know each other" Shelby mumbles.
"Oh well that's great then!" Ashton says with a smile.
"Yeah" I say with a nervous laugh. Shelby glances at me and then back to Ashton. 
"Well Shelby invited some of her friends and we invited some other people over too so we can have a little party" Calum says. 
"I'll call some people too" Luke chimes in.
"And you can too if you want Delilah" Calum says. I'm hardly paying attention though. All I can think about is Shelby's friends. The two people she always hangs out with. My worst enemy. Amber..


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