25. 25

Its been 2 weeks. Me and Luke are still going strong and we grow closer everyday. Amber hasn't been in school lately which makes everything a little better. Sometimes I wonder if everything is going to stay this way; perfect and happy. But when I look at Luke I know they will. Little did I know I was very wrong.
"You kissed her!? Luke what the hell is wrong with you!!" I say angerly as I glare at Luke. We are sitting in my kitchen, well I'm standing, Luke sitting across from me, staring at me.
"What else could I do Delilah? She had me trapped, I couldn't go anywhere until I kissed her!" Luke says, running his fingers through his hair. I bury my face into my hands for a moment.
"I just..its Amber, luke, this is Amber were talking about, you could of just pushed her off and left" I say. I can feel tears running down my cheeks as I uncover my face.
"Delilah....I just..I panicked" he whispers as he gets up and tried to grab my hands. I back away.
"I think I just need to be alone right now" I say. I really don't want to break it off with him, but then again, I need time to think.
"Okay.." He says backing away also "I'll um see you tomorrow then". I hear his footsteps leave the kitchen and then the front door opens and slams shut. I sink down onto the floor and begin to cry. Why can't things just stay perfect??


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