24. 24

After last nights events, it was nice to wake up with Luke still sleeping soundly beside me. I smile as I look at his sleeping face. He's one beautiful boy, asleep or awake. Suddenly he stirs and groans a little as he stretch's his body. Probably the hottest thing I've ever seen. I smirk as he looks down at me.
"Morning beautiful" he says as he kisses my lips.
"Morning handsome" I reply as I lay my head on his bare chest. His hands rub up and down my back in a soothing motion as I close my eyes contently.
"Hey no more nap time, its time to stay awake" Luke says making me giggle. I shake my head.
"I want to sleep all day" I say. Its his turn to laugh now as he runs his fingers through my hair.
"Come on, princess. Let's get some breakfast" he says. I sigh but nod as I sit up. I slide out of bed and grab his t shirt off the floor and putting it on my own body. Meanwhile Luke just stays in his boxers as we walk downstairs hand and hand. Its a good thing Jackson spent the night at a friends. Luke offers to cook breakfast and I don't complain because..well why should I. This is perfect. He's perfect. I just can't believe my life went from wanting to kill myself because of Luke to not being able to live without him. Who knew that id take the phrase keep your enemies closer to another level.


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