21. 21

Well the date is perfect. Luke took me to a rooftop restaurant and we got to look at the stars and just talk while we ate. We really go to know each other better. I think I'm starting to fall in love with him. His smile, he personality hiseverything has changed so much and I love it now. I wish this was the Luke I could have known all my life. I really think it was Amber who was holding him back from being himself. As we finish our dessert we decide to take a walk.
"Its a beautiful night" Luke says as he pulls me into the park entrance. I nod in agreement.
"Not too hot, not too cold" I say as I hold his hand tightly in mine. We walk in silence for a few minutes.
"I never pictured that this would ever happen, I mean I've liked you for a while but, I was so horrible to you" Luke says softly. I stop walking and look up at him.
"I know, neither did I, but I gave you another chance and I'm glad that I did, I wish this is who I could of met back in elementary school" I say.
"I'm sorry Delilah, I really am, but I love you, more than Amber, that's for sure" he tells me. I smile.
"I love you too, Luke, more than you know" I reply.
"Look our first date and were already telling each other I love you" he says with a chuckle. I laugh also.
"Yeah crazy huh?" I say. We grow silent again as I stare down the path in front of us. I can see a girl coming our way. She's stumbling around and she looks...angry. When we get closer I recognize who it is.
"Luke..its Amber" I whisper. Amber gets closer and stretchs her arms out as if she's strangling something. She comes right for me.

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