2. 2

"Luke" I say, softly addressing him as I grab a book and shut my locker door, "this is my locker". 
"Yeah well Amber wants it" he says. I can't believe he thinks that he can say that and I'll just give it right up. I take a deep breath to calm myself. 
"Well I'm sorry" I say as I begin to walk away. I feel a strong hand grab my shoulder and spin me around. His face only inches away from mine. 
"Go to the office, and get a new locker" he says through clenched teeth. I shake my head and he looks up at the ceiling with a annoyed expression. The next thing I know I being sprawled onto the ground, my books flying onto the floor. I let out a surprised gasp and moan as my elbow and head bang off the cold tile. 
"If you can't realize that your worth nothing and I can snap you like a twig then you should just go kill yourself now" Luke snarls. My eyes grow wide as I look up at him. He walks away and amber, jade and shelby follow him. My eyes brim with tears as I slowly stand up. Maybe I will.

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