19. 19

"Why don't you go clean up and I'll make us some lunch?" Luke says after a while. I nod as I stand up and walk into my bedroom which is connected with the bathroom. I put on a different outfit and brush the food out of my hair. I sigh and just strip off everything, getting into the shower. Afterwards, I dry off and then put the previous outfit on. I fix my makeup just so it looks decent and run a brush through my hair. I head downstairs where the smell of chicken greets me. I smile a little as I walk into the kitchen.
"Hope you like grilled chicken" he says. I nod and watch as he sets it on a plate for me. I immediately begin to eat as he sits across from me and begins to eat also.
"So Delilah, what do you say to going on a date with me?" He asks. I look up at him.
"Yeah..I'd like that" I say making him smile. I smile back and reach across the table. He grabs my hand.
"So what would it take for you to be my girlfriend?" He asks.
"I don't know.. Why don't you just try asking" I say with a smirk. I stand up and walk to him, sitting in his lap.
"Delilah Grace ( her middle name just in case your wondering), will you..be my girlfriend" he asks in a dramatic voice. I laugh a little and nod.
"Because you asked so nicely" I say before hugging him. It felt right in that moment.

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