18. 18

I stand up and walk out of the bathroom. My mind is set on one thing. Nobody's home so this is the perfect time. Luke is no where to be found so he won't know either. He may even be with Amber. I walk out of the school, still in tears. I make the journey home, only 5 blocks from the school. No cars drive by me luckily. When I reach home I rush inside and slam the door behind me. I run upstairs and into the bathroom. The cupboard door is opened and I grab the bottle with shaking hands. Suddenly the door opens and shuts.
"Delilah?! Delilah where are you" Luke calls out. I don't bother to answer as I struggle to open the cap. Likes footsteps are on the stairs now and soon he's in the bathroom.
"Delilah, put the pills away" he tells me but walks over to me anyway. His hands grab mine and pull them away from the bottle. I watch it drop to the ground and I slowly sink to the ground also. I'm still covered in food and probably look like a mess. Luke slowly crouches down in front of me.
"Look at me" he whispers and I move my eyes up to him. "I don't want to see that pill bottle in your hands anymore, you are beautiful and perfect and you've made me a better person, I need you in my life, I want you in my life, please, don't do this to yourself, amber isn't worth your tears" he says. Then I'm in his arms. The food is forgotten about as his arms go around my waist, pulling me closer. He kisses the top of my head as I cuddle closer to him. And we stay like that, not moving.

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