17. 17

Of course things can't always stay happy. Even if me and Luke really do love each other, that doesn't matter. There will always be Amber.
"Hey rat, you better stay away from Luke, you mean nothing to him, he's coming back for me" amber says, approaching me in the lunch room. I roll my eyes at her.
"Okay whatever" I mumble. She's not worth a fight.
"Excuse me?" She says, blocking my pathway. Jade and Shelby both look at me with there hands on there hips.
"Look, im not going to fight with you okay?" I say.
"Then I'll do the fighting and you can just stand back and let it happen" she says with a smirk. She grabs my lunch tray and dumps the full tray of milk, mashed potatoes and pasta all over my shirt. I let out a gasp as I step away from her. The whole cafeteria bursts into laughter. Then I'm running as fast as I can out the cafeteria door, wishing a black hole would just swallow me up. Tears sting my eyes as I run into the bathroom. I look in mirror to see the damage. I sigh and sink to the floor in tears. The door opens and I hear her annoying laugh.
"Think before you speak hun" she says and kicks my side before walking out the door. I bury my face into my knees. I guess its time to turn to the pills. Like I said, nothing ever can stay happy.


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