16. 16

The next day at school, Luke was waiting for me by my locker. 
"Hey" i say as I look at him and smile. He stays frowning.
"Amber hates me" he mumbles.
"Why?" I say softly.
"I broke up with her yesterday" he says. My eyes grow wide and I try not to smile.
"Really?" I ask as I put in my combination.
"Yeah and she won't even say hi, I mean, we weren't even that serious" he mumbles.
"Maybe its for the best that she's not talking to you" I say as I grab my first period books out.
"Maybe" he says as he looks at the ground.
"Hey stop being grumpy, she didn't deserve you anyway, your going to find a girl who is way better for this new and improved Luke" I tell him. He gives me a smile.
"Trust me, I have my ideas" he says.
"Really, who?" I ask with a smirk.
"First I just need to clear my head, get my old relationship out of my mind and then there will be plenty of Luke to go around" he teases. I laugh at him and then shut my locker, leaning against it.
"Your going to find someone who loves you for you, trust me, someone who doesn't try to change you" I say as I resist the urge to grab his hand. He beats me too it, interlocking our fingers.
"I think I've already got my eyes on someone"

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