15. 15

School has been aweful. Amber has been making my life miserable and Luke keeps trying to talk to me but I just walk away. Everything that I didn't want to happen, did. Luke's no longer in a wheel chair and Amber is all over him. I wish that he never would have said this things. Everything would be okay, we might even be friends. I walk to my locker and put in my combination. Sighing, I place my books inside and grab my bag and coat to go home.
"Delilah..please listen to me.." Luke says, leaning on the locker beside me.
"There's nothing to talk about" I say.
"I'm sorry, for everything, I miss not talking to you to be honest, having a conversation with you is so different than having one with Amber, its better" Luke says softly. He grabs my hands in him. "Look, I don't even care if she sees us because...I..I care about you, a lot" he says softly. I look up into his eyes. There's no trace of him joking. I sigh and squeeze his hands.
"You get one more chance, hemmings" I say.
"Thank you, you won't regret it" he says. He pulls me into a unexpected hug and I laugh a little. 
"Okay, okay calm down" I tell him.
"I love you" he says and then grows quiet "i-i mean, um..". I look at him and smile softly. 
"Its a good thing I love you too then" I say before kissing his lips.


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