14. 14

Its been 2 weeks and Luke's still not back at school. Ive visited him twice since the first night. I told him how we got a 98/100 on our chemistry project and how Amber is being even more rude to me than usual. He seemed upset about that.But anyway, I kind of miss him in a way. He got released from the hospital today. I head to his house and knock on the door.
"Oh hey Delilah" Amber greets as she smirks a little. My heart drops. He told me he was going to break up with Amber.
"Hi" I mumble "where's Luke?".
"In the kitchen, why?" She asks.
"I just wanted to see how he was doing" I say.
"Who is it, Am?" Luke calls from the kitchen.
"The rat" she giggles.
"Oh well um tell her were busy" he calls back. I can't believe what he just said.
"Well you heard him, bye bye" she says, shutting the door in my face. My eyes fill with tears as I climb off the front porch. The door opens behind me.
"Delilah....wait" Luke calls out. He's in a wheel chair because of his leg. I can't look at him right now. I can't feel bad for him.
"After everything I did for you, put up with your bullying and name calling, did the project for you, let you kiss me, visited you in hospital..I gave you a second chance..but you damaged that too, goodbye Luke, not like you really care though" I say before I walk away. This will be the last time I talk to Luke Hemmings.


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