11. 11

When I get home, I throw my books onto the couch and sigh. I walk up the stairs and lay down on my bed. Jackson went to school today so I'm home alone. I think back to when I tried to kill myself. I really am alone now....but I promised myself I wouldn't. Just then a there's a knock on the door. I look at the clock and read 1:35. Jackson shouldnt be home at least for another 2 hours. I get up and head downstairs. Maybe its a miracle and my mom got off early. I shake my head as I unlock the door and open it.
"Hey" Luke says softly.
"Oh..hi" I say quietly.
"Look, I'm sorry about today, I want to help you on the project" he says softly. I nod and let him inside. We spend a whole 2 hours working on a diagram of plant and animal cells. He didn't call me any names and we actually laughed together. It was like we were old time friends not enemies. But I knew the truth.
"Well I guess that's enough for today" I say as I stand up, wiping red paint onto a towel. Jackson came in about 15 minutes ago and is currently sitting in the kitchen, humming some random song. Luke smiles as he here's Jackson.
"He's a cute kid" he says and I nod.
"Yeah he is" I say in agreement.
"Well I better get going" Luke says. 
"Okay well um see you tomorrow" I say as I watch him leave. The next day at school, Luke's not there. He hasn't came up to me at my locker, he hasn't shown up in any classes. Then I spot Amber.
"It was real tragic....car accident...hospital" are the only words I can hear from her. I see tears dripping down her cheeks and I immediately know she's talking about Luke.

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