Life Support

It's you

It's always been you..


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 Draco opened my new locker, shoving his new textbooks inside. "Draco!" He turned around, his best friend since first grade, Harry Potter stood before him. "Harry! How was Spain?" Boring to be honest.. How was -"

 "Shit!" Someone cursed loudly, Draco looked for the person. A girl had her books scattered across the hallway floor. Students walked by, acting as if she wasn't there. The girl picked them up again, only to drop them once more, Draco ran across the hall, helping the girl pick up her books. "Tha-Thanks.." She said, avoiding his gaze, "No problem. I'm Draco by the way." Hermione." 


"I didn't expect her to be back at school already." Harry spoke when Draco walked back, "What do you mean?" Draco wondered, "She was in a pretty bad car accident over the summer.. she was in a coma for like three weeks. I play football with her best friend, Ron after school. Doctors said she was lucky to wake up. Apparently the car hit her and drove away without coming back."  Draco looked over his shoulder at the brown haired girl once more. 


"Welcome everyone! I am Professor McGonagall, I am your homeroom teacher for the year." The older teacher spoke to everyone in the room. Hermione sat one row back, playing with her fingers. "Now, I want you to talk with a partner about what you've done this past summer." Everyone nosily chatted, Draco turned around to face the girl. "Hello." Hermione's eyes were wide and alert when Draco called her name. "I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to startle you.." I-it's fin-fine." McGonagall walked up to Draco, pulling him aside. 


"Please be kind to Ms.Granger. She's had quite a summer.." Draco nodded sincerely, walking back to his seat. Hermione was practicing her writing on a piece of parchment paper. Her writing messy and childlike, most likely because of the accident, Draco thought. 




Draco searched the hall for his friend, his robes flowing behind him gracefully. "Do you mind? Everywhere else is full.." A red haired boy stood above the two friends, "Not at all!" The two boys made room for the red haired boy and his friend. "I'm Ron by the way, Ron Weasley." Draco." This is-" Hermione.." Draco said aloud, "You think Man U or Barcelona?" You joking?! Man U all the way mate." Harry and Ron talked about football while Draco and Hermione made small talk. "My mum has a weird obsession with Celestina Warbeck." Draco sheepishly admitted, he saw Hermione smile slightly. "So do-does min-mine.." She spoke slowly, struggling with each word. 




"I'm having a barbeque after school.. would you and Hermione like to join us?" Harry asked as the four walked to their lockers. "Sure! I'll just ask Hermione's mum." Ron said, opening his locker. "Bloody hell! I'm gonna be late for Dark Arts! I'm not gonna have time to walk you to Potions!" I can do it!" Draco spoke quickly, "You sure?" Yeah, I don't mind.." Thanks mate!" Ron ran off quickly down the corridor. 


"See you in Flying right?" I-I wo-won't be abl-able to fly.." Hermione spoke carefully, "You'll still be there though right?" Hermione nodded, walking into the Potions classroom. "See you later then." Draco spoke quietly before walking to Muggle History. 

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