That one boy

Hi! Im Lila, My full name is Lila rose root. i hate my name. I am countstonly bullied by Ashton Irwin,Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings. There best friend,Michael Clifford,has never said anything to ever hurt me. well,hes never really hurt me. i dont know why they bully me,but i do know this: Im ugly,fat,and apperntly depressed. i never talk. i wear black and hide in the back of the class room. And heres one more thing,life sucks.


2. The girl

We saw a girl walk threw the door.

It was Annabelle.

She was one of the most smalliest,shyiest,and builled person i ever met. She was crying and ran into a stall.

Me and Zoe looked at each other with black expressions.I went up to the stall and knocked on it.

"Hello? Are you okay?"

I heard sniffiling and a quiet voice.

"Not really." She said

"Come on out,and tells us what happened. We won't hurt you." Zoe said from behind me.

We heard the door unlock and out cam Annabelle.

She had dark blue eyes,short dirty blond hair, and more freackles than the galaxy has stars. She was amazing.

So why did people bully her?

 Shes the smartiest person in the school,shes a nerd,but i would never bully someone,I know what it feels like.

She explained what happened. she was outside reading a book,when Savanna pour a cup of boiling hot coffee on her. All of Savanna's  group laugh and pointed at her.

Ugh,how I Savanna. She had long,blond hair,with green eyes. She has probably had sex with almost ever guy in the school. even 9th graders. But,shes always had a thing for Luke,which I didn't care about,but she always thougth i was jelous,so thats when she started bullying me.

Wow,and too think,we used to be friends.

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