That one boy

Hi! Im Lila, My full name is Lila rose root. i hate my name. I am countstonly bullied by Ashton Irwin,Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings. There best friend,Michael Clifford,has never said anything to ever hurt me. well,hes never really hurt me. i dont know why they bully me,but i do know this: Im ugly,fat,and apperntly depressed. i never talk. i wear black and hide in the back of the class room. And heres one more thing,life sucks.


3. Lunch

Before I knew it,it was lunch.

I never eat lunch,so I sat outside and waited.

Someone sat next too me.

"Hey." It was Michael

"Hey..." I said shyly looking down.

"I liked the things you guys wrote,they where all true." He laughed.

My god,his laugh.

"Thanks." I said half smiling.

"I love your smile." He said showing his wonder eyes.

"Really?Thanks." I said and laughed.

"I don't know why they hate you so much, I mean, They have secrets that are worse than anyone else's here." He said and I had a spark.

"Wait,what?" I asked shock.

"After school,come back to my house." He said getting up and holding out a hand.

I grabbed it and got up.

"Sure." I smiled,and then bell rang.

What the hell did he just ask me?

Michaels P.O.V (I know right,I'm so good :)

I walked back inside as the bell rang.

I had just asked Lila to come over.

I had always had a thing for her,but being friends with the guys,I never had the balls to talk to her.

But I don't know what they have agaisnt her.

She's beautiful,kind,smart, why?

I bumped into Luke while walking to my locker.

"Oh hey,we are having a band practice at your house today." He said.

Oh god no.


"Great,see you then"

Oh no.

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