Young E has lost a friend whom she loved dearly. E and eight other people have special powers. They were sent by the Master to protect humans, but, the humans have turned against them. Can E use her powers to protect her friends?


4. How to Get Lost In Green Eyes

I woke up with the sun streaming in the windows in layers revealing the dust floating in the air like snowflakes. I smile for the first time in what feels like forever. It was a beautiful morning. Everyone else is asleep. I slowly get up. I wince at every creak the old cot makes. Walking outside, the sun is warm but the air is cool. The dew covered grass feels good on my bare feet. The silk shorts and a baggy tie-dye shirt that I am wearing allow me room to breathe. I walk to the top of the hill that Beldon and I used to watch the stars on. I sit down and sigh. Smiling, I think of him and look at the grass. I sweep my fingers across the vibrant blades, droplets of water springing off. The sun reflects off of them cascading along my face. Lying flat on my back I look up at the profound blue sky. The clouds a perfect fluffy white. I imagine jumping across them until I reached wherever Beldon ended up.

Just as I was sitting up I heard a “ Hey,” Come from across the hill. It was Fynn. I was glad. Fynn was smart, handsome, funny and sarcastic. Some of the best features that I admire. He was still in his dark green plaid pajama pants and a simple black shirt. I smile at him, and he smiles back and sits down next to me. After a few moments he says “ Hey, I really am sorry about Beldon. I know what it is like to lose someone who you loved.” He looks at my hand and my heart flutters when he sets his own upon mine. I look up and into his beautiful green eyes. “ Thank you. I don’t think that anyone but you will ever get what I went through…” I respond with my voice trailing off.

He uses his free hand to rub the back of his neck. “ So umm… on a lighter note umm… is there anything going on between you and Axel?” He asks his cheeks flushing. I raise one eyebrow in a ‘really?’ kind of look. He gets the memo and nods. “ I am going to take that as a resounding no.” He smiles slightly. “ You know Beldon and I had something really special, but I think that it is time for me to move on. Actually, I decided that a while ago. I

got so emotional last night because I hadn’t thought about him in a while.” I look into his eyes searching for something. They were warm and comforting.

“ Do you like Henry? Like- like him, I mean,” I shake my head. “ He is a good friend, but needs someone to watch over him every minute of the day. I like someone like you, for instance that can take care of themselves.” He grins squeezes my hand. The sun was shining on my silky hair. My skin glowing a resounding tan. Fynn’ s green eyes seemed to put the sun to shame.

We locked eye contact for what seemed like an eternity. His eyes flickered to my lips and I looked at him. Then he spontaneously reached forward. His hand on my cheek. Then we were kissing. His soft lips pressed against mine. Our bodies moved closer on the emerald green grass. His fingers firm on my hand and running down the small of my back. His wild, untamed deep brown hair soft when my nimble fingers ran through it. Our lips are entwined for what seemed like an eternity, I loved it, relished every second. We finally pulled apart with each others hands on the others neck, foreheads pressed together. “ Sorry,” He whispers. “Don’t apologize for something that you enjoyed.” I say with a small laugh. “ Yeah right, when was the last time you kissed someone?” He says sarcastically. “ You are welcome to be my practice dummy.” I respond with a grin. He looks up at me. Seriousness taking the sarcasm from my face I say, “ I have wanted to do that ever since I meet you at this stupid camp.” He stands up and gives a sarcastic bow. “ Why thank you young maiden. May I escort thee to thy bedroom to prepare for thy competition?” Holding his hand out. Grasping it and standing I respond. “ You may,” Grinning wildly he motions to the building.

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