Young E has lost a friend whom she loved dearly. E and eight other people have special powers. They were sent by the Master to protect humans, but, the humans have turned against them. Can E use her powers to protect her friends?


2. Dummies, Knives and Pie

The hard blue mat smacked my face when I dropped to the ground avoiding the oncoming knife. I roll over on my side, barely missing the next. Leaping to my feet I run down the course. Grabbing the bow that is waiting for me as I perform a somersault, landing on one knee, grab an arrow and watch it as it pierces the target. I slide the bow to the side and run to my left.

Once there I duck, lean and punch my way through two fighters. When both are on the ground, I run through the doors and jump the concrete steps, out of the building and into the woods followed my trainer and a government tester.

Sprinting I run to the pond almost a quarter mile into the woods. My lungs burn and scream for air. I know I can’t stop. If I do, I will have to run the course over again and will be deducted points. I can’t feel my legs as I rip off my compression shorts and black tank-top that gets caught in my braid. I reveal a midnight black one piece swimming suit. I strap the knife that was waiting for me to my hip and dive head first into the pond.

The water is clear and warm so I can open my eyes. I swim to the artificial concrete bottom and unstrap my knife. My lungs are almost out of air and I am forbidden to use my powers to help me. There held to the bottom by a rope is a dummy. The dummy is used to simulate the weight, size and physical attributes of a grown male person. I grip the rope and saw and hack at it. My hands are bleeding and stinging but I grab the dummy from under the arms and catapult to the surface.

I gasp for air as if it is my first breath. Slower but still at a good pace I make my way to the shore, still with the dummy in my arms. Once there I slug the dummy up and lay face down in the mud. The tester stops the timer and looks at my trainer with bulging eyes. All my trainer does is smile. I look up at the tester and smirk. Even when I am exhausted and have spent my last bit, I always save some energy for sass. “How was I?” I ask, unable to silence my pride. “ Well…” Says the trainer frowning at his clipboard. Looking up from the clipboard and down at me he says “ That was the best course I have seen all day. Actually ever. In my whole career.” Regaining some of my energy I push myself up, grab my shorts, tank and knife and begin to walk away a smirk snaking its way onto my face. I give a half-wave barely looking back when I call a lazy “thanks”. The trainer looks at me as I walk away and say to the government tester “ She’s a special one, I can feel it.” He nods watching me swagger away.

I get back to the cot room, where 8 deep green cots are set in rows with a single white pillow on the end of each. This is where we are sleeping through the several days of rigorous testing we each go through. My friends are waiting for me when I open the door and flop onto my cot. Henry is one of them. Henry can mold, bend and shape things with his mind, but his specialty is metal. Then there is Grace. She has the ability to absorb information at an extreme rate, even instantly. You have Thomas after her. Thomas has the power to persuade anyone to think anything. He can also control your thoughts thus, your body movements. Mia is also one of us. She can morph her body and physical features to anything you can think of. Axel has powers. He can communicate and control all animals that he can think of. Viper is one of my best friends. She can produce venom from anything, including gas, liquids and solids. Hence her name. She can also survive any poison that you use on her. You also have Fynn. He can control all things electrical. Then you have me, Cecilia. The right amount of sass, smart Alek, seriousness, and immaturity. I can control the elements. Elements being: Earth (dirt, rocks, plants, etc.), Fire, Water, Air, and Aether (planets, stars etc.).

“Hey, how did you do?” Henry asks. “Fabulous,” I say with a mischievous grin as I lie down on my cot still dripping from my soggy hair. Axel, with his huge muscles leans over my head as I am lying down. “Still up for that competition tomorrow?” He asks. Without opening my eyes, I respond “ You know it, as long as you don’t chicken out.” “Ha!” He laughs as he sits back down on his cot that is directly right of me. “Imma go get some food” He says, standing back up and walking to the door. “Hey! See if they have any pie!” He shakes his head and lazily waves without looking back. “ Bring me some pie!”

I call to him just as the door shuts. I smile to myself. “Love me some pie…” I say with a grin, closing my eyes and lying down. But, not before glancing at Henry. He was staring at me. He does that a lot lately. I wonder what is wrong with him. Slowly I drift off into dreams of my parents and what I imagine what life would be like with them.

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