Dear Diary

Team Ashton or Team Niall?


1. November, 2011


I immediately picked up my phone, and I'm glad I did.

"Oh my God Niall tweeted!"

I almost screamed as I unlocked my phone to read the tweet. I didn't care much what it said. Just seeing him online makes me smile.

"Allyson are you ready for school?"

"Yeah mom I'll be down in a minute."

I place my pencil down and close my diary. I grabbed a jacket and slid my phone into my backpack as I ran out to the car. Today was going to be a good day. Why? Because I woke up to my favorite person. At school I couldn't help myself from smiling like an idiot all day. I'm in love with someone who doesn't even know I exist.

"If you want him to know who you are you have to do something, you can't just sit here and think he's magically going to notice you. Why don't you write him a letter?."

"Katie, you're a genius!"

My best friend Katie always had great ideas. And she is my best friend. She's the only one who went to my old school and stuck by my side.

"I'll start writing when I get home."

After school I rushed home to write the letter, but when I sat down to start writing, I found myself with severe writers block. I swear I sat at my desk for hours until 1 am hit. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. I couldn't stop. It was like all of my feelings and my life were being poured onto the paper. This was it. This was when I stopped waiting for something to happen and actually did something myself. I finished the letter around 3 am. Though it still had many corrections to be done. I laid in my bed and stared at the dark ceiling. My insomnia didn't help much. After a while I started to drift into the darkness.

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